Monday, 17 January 2022, 5:59 AM
Site: ACAMS Smart Learning Platform
Course: ACAMS Smart Learning Platform (ASLP-T)
Glossary: FAQ

What do I do when I think I don't have to follow a course?

There will be a formal waiver process available that needs approval from Compliance

What do I get when I pass an exam?

If you pass the exam you will be officially qualified. You will be registered as qualified on ACAMS servers and entitled to use the letters of the credential you have earned after your name.  You will also receive a verifiable digital badge which you can use for example on your CV. 

What does a test look like?

A test exists of multiple choice questions and can be done on the platform

What does an exam look like?

An exam exists of multiple choice questions and is either digitally or physically supervised

What happens if I fail the test after 5 attempts or 6 weeks?

When you fail the test 5 times, you and your manager will receive an e-mail in which you are advised to look for support.

What if I fail the test?

You have multiple chances to pass the test. If you fail, we suggest you seek help with your manager or colleagues. When you reached the maximum amount of time for the course and you  were not able to pass the final test, this result will be stored in ILC. It has no further consequences for now.

What is the difference between the final test and an exam?

At the end of a foundation course you take a final test. An exam is taken after a qualification course. An exam is more official in nature and is supervised either digitially or physically.

What will happen with my results?

Your results will be stored in the ILC. If you passed the test, ILC will show this as 'Completed'. If you didn't finish the course or didn't pass the test, it will show as 'Incomplete'.

Where I can find the Mobile App?

You can find the app in the Apple app-store or Android Playstore. The app is called "Smart Learning Platform" 

Which courses do I have to take?

The courses you have to take are dependent on your job function.